• Yummy! Müslibar & As/If Record Store Café

    After the last time I shared with you a couple of places that I love in Cologne to have a snack and coffee, it seemed that you liked the articles, so here is another part of this Cologne Travel Guide series. Moreover, on my last post I shared with you, besides a look with the […]

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    @diannetho de viaje por COlonia, Alemania: Yummy! Müslibar & As/If Record Store Café
  • How to style a military jacket?

    Between all these trips and lifestyle posts, today I wanted to share with you a look and how to style a military jacket. I thought that it would be a nice idea to show you how I styled this beautiful militar style jacket. I have been a big fan of this type of jackets but […]

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    @diannetho dando una idea de cómo combinar una chaqueta de estilo militar roja + ideas de restaurantes en Colonia, Alemania
  • Flowers at Gallery Loft, Cologne

    Flowers. Definitely one of the most frequent elements in my closet, being part of a big amount of garments like dresses, blazers, bags, shoes and pants. I have a quick look around me, right now, while I write, fearing on what I know it’s coming next and then I see it: I am surrounded by […]

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    @diannetho con un vestido de flores en Gallery Loft, Colonia

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Wet hairstyle and how to achieve it

Hot to achieve a wet hairstyle? Quite simple. The famous wet hairstyle is still on trend after a couple of years now, and most probably all you have read until now on how to achieve it is by using a tone of products that are (un)surprisingly expensive. I give you another tip though: just wet […]

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@diannetho en un post contando los trucos para un pelo efecto mojado y la descripción de lujo

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